What is the Penalty for a Class 6 Felony in Virginia

Overview Felony is viewed as a dangerous crime just compared to the misdemeanor. There are also distinctive classes of felonies, and their penalties and charges are also different from each other. As the class 1 felony is considered the most dangerous and serious criminal charge among all the classes, as because, in this class, the … Read more

What are Class 1 Misdemeanors in Virginia

Overview Misdemeanors are divided into a form of classes, and Class 1 is considered the most serious, even though, the most common class as well. However, we can also be considered as the lowest form of felonies or even the less serious kind of felonies. Although, it doesn’t matter if the victim got hurt physically … Read more

Understanding the Laws and Penalties for Credit Card fraud in VA

Overview: Credit fraud happens when someone is trying to cheat another person with the help of using an illegal way which is received or maybe stolen credit card number to obtain money or to buy some other services and goods. It also happens when the goods, services, or money, or even anything else that is … Read more

Is possession of a controlled substance a felony in Virginia

Drug abuse is behavior that can be prevented. However, the prolonged effects of drugs in the brain can lead to drug addiction, which is a chronic and recurrent brain disease. For anyone addicted to drugs, the compulsive need to use drugs can be overwhelming, affecting all aspects of their lives and those of their families. … Read more

Federal Cybercrime Defense Attorney

The vast majority of all we have heard and read in the media the term “cybercrime” and, while we all have an idea of what is meant by these words, the truth is that it is a crime with very varied manifestations, although all of them have as a common link that they occur on … Read more

Class 6 Felony First Offense Virginia

overview Felony is really a serious crime as compared to the misdemeanor. Also, there are total six different classes which describe the case of felonies. However, it also depends on the severity of the crime charged and the culprit’s as well. Though, the punishment of the felony class can be provided by the judicial system … Read more

What is the level of class 6 felony charge in Virginia

Level 6 Felonies are the least level lawful offenses charged in Virginia. Virginia Level 6 Felonies are by and large seen as being more serious than misdemeanors, yet less extreme than every single other level of a felony. Appropriately, the potential punishments related to Virginia Level 6 Felonies are more prominent than those related with … Read more

Felony possession of a controlled substance Virginia

A society of people who follow and obey law results in a peaceful, prosperous society, otherwise it just would be mess and chaos everywhere. The state of Virginia has set some laws and rules which every citizen must obey otherwise they would face serious consequences, and our legislation makes sure of that. Ownership of illegal, … Read more

Murder Crimes in Virginia

Murder means guessing with a person’s evil behavior. Anyone who hopes to kill someone other than the one who kicked the bucket can be accused of murder. Considerable charges of serious murder that you face: Capital murder First degree murder Second degree homicide Murder Moreover, a sincere person is charged with murder, for example, deliberately … Read more

How Domestic Violence Affects Child Custody in Maryland

In 2012, sacrifices used by victims to 17,000 times the violence would indicate the abusive speeches of the house. Trouble will help the plagues to create evils on the subjects of the ABB, if after the last few years, the person who lives in an abusive life. Regardless of permissible permission, you will also be … Read more