Federal Cybercrime Defense Attorney

The vast majority of all we have heard and read in the media the term “cybercrime” and, while we all have an idea of what is meant by these words, the truth is that it is a crime with very varied manifestations, although all of them have as a common link that they occur on the internet and/or computerized means are used for it.


According to modern legislation, cybercrimes can be defined as “acts directed against confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks, and computer data, as well as the abuse of said systems, networks and data.”

In simple words, Cybercrimes are those illicit activities that:

They are committed through the use of computers, computer systems or other communication devices (computers are the means or instrument to carry out a crime).

They are intended to cause damage, cause losses or prevent the use of computer systems (computer crimes).

The author of the cybercrime

The author of the cybercrime can be very diverse; they can be students, terrorists or organized crime figures.

Regarding financial crimes such as fraud or information theft, the highest category is the employees of companies, which are responsible for 90% of these crimes, according to the 1997 United Nations Manual on the prevention and control of crimes related to computers.

Computer criminals can go unnoticed across borders, hide behind countless “links” or simply vanish without leaving any trace document in the commission of their computer crime.

They can send communications directly or hide criminal evidence in “computer paradises” – that is, in countries that lack laws or experience to keep track of them.

How are Cybernetic and Computer Crimes Investigated?

Some government agencies, such as the FBI, can identify your IP address as suspicious. Based on that, they can request an entry order to their home or business and confiscate all electronic evidence, including computers, routers, phones, tablets, etc. These items will be cataloged and then sent to a government laboratory and analyzed with the most sophisticated tools known to the authorities. Often, before the order is carried out, they will be waiting for you to be alone in the place and then they will ask you to admit that the electronic device is yours and that you are the only one that uses it. If there are others present, they can threaten to arrest everyone if you do not confess and say what they want you to say.

Do not talk to the authorities if you are the target of your suspicion. The sole purpose of your interview is to get you to make admissions. Ask for a federal criminal defense attorney because you will not be able to get out of the problem on your own.

How are Cybernetic and Computer Informatics Offenses Defended by the attorney:

As a Federal Criminal Defense attorney, it is necessary to understand the technical aspects of the government’s investigation, as well as to know the rules of the court that govern, if the evidence is relevant and admissible or not. Given the rapidly changing technology that is part of our lives, it is necessary to consult with experts and work with them to identify the weaknesses in the case of the Government against them.