Understanding the Laws and Penalties for Credit Card fraud in VA


Credit fraud happens when someone is trying to cheat another person with the help of using an illegal way which is received or maybe stolen credit card number to obtain money or to buy some other services and goods. It also happens when the goods, services, or money, or even anything else that is considered to have a high value is needed with the help of using someone else’s credit card without the permission of the credit card holder or owner.

In addition to this, it is also considered as a crime if the authority of the credit card is further obtained to work as protection for a claim or is used to collect money from an automatic device like ATM machine. It is probable to commit this crime of fraud against the owner of the credit card if services, valuables, or goods are purchased with the help of using the credit card or the number of the credit card if the card has already been withdrawn or expired.

laws for credit card fraud VA

Credit card fraud is considered to be as a serious crime and even though, should not be accepted lightly. In a manner to further avoid the hard penalties that result in a sentence of credit card fraud, a person requires to take the moves necessary to secure a strong defense discussion in his or her favor.

As according to the laws of credit card fraud in Virginia, a defendant can directly go into prison for more than 10 years or sometimes even more than that, it depends on the case strength. However, credit card fraud laws have described the crime as a charge of felony. And as per felony cases, the defendant may go through severe penalties until he is proven guilty enough.

Also, when a person is charged with the credit card fraud in VA, he/she can face many problems in his career and his future life as well. So, it’s better to stay away from such crimes which may land you into the world of criminals. And sometimes, when no attorney is ready to accept your case, you can go into jail for the rest of life because there is no one in your defense who can prove you innocent or make your case dropped.

So, if you are charged with such crime, your first step would be, contact with an attorney who is a professional enough to fight your case expertly.

Penalties for credit card fraud VA

When we talk about the charges and laws of credit card fraud, then it is a must thing that there is also a room for penalties as well. However, it is simple as that, a person who steal someone’s credit card or card number, or even make a fraud with the original credit card owner in a manner to buy something valuable, this can be charged as a felony and the penalties would be imprisonment for up to 20 years with a fine of $1000 or above.