What is the level of class 6 felony charge in Virginia

Level 6 Felonies are the least level lawful offenses charged in Virginia. Virginia Level 6 Felonies are by and large seen as being more serious than misdemeanors, yet less extreme than every single other level of a felony. Appropriately, the potential punishments related to Virginia Level 6 Felonies are more prominent than those related with misdeeds, yet less than all other different levels of felonies. Being indicted for Virginia, Level 6 Felonies conveys huge security outcomes and can have a noteworthy negative effect on your future business, lodging, and rights. Any Criminal Defense Lawyer in Virginia comprehends the effect a felony conviction will have on your future and makes staying away from a felony conviction the best need. The Attorney will endeavor to get a decrease or even through and through rejection of the Level 6 Felony charge(s) against you. On the off chance that you are accused of Virginia Level 6 Felonies, reaching a dependable and skilled legal counselor, to talk about your best safeguard against the charge(s), ought to be your first need.

The penalty for Virginia Level 6 Felonies


All Virginia Level 6 Felonies subject the blamed to a term for detainment of a year to 5 years. In spite of the fact that the greater part of these sentences would be served in the local county imprison, it is workable for the sentence to be served in a Virginia Department of Correction jail office. Virginia law likewise gives Courts extraordinary scope to arrange sentences be served in elective situations. Courts have the specialist to enable huge numbers of the sentences to be served in a work discharge program or on home confinement or even to suspend all or a bit of the sentence to probation. For a great many people blamed for carrying out wrongdoing, keeping away from prison is the best need. The scope stood to the Courts in forcing sentences for Virginia Level 6 Felonies furnishes your legal counselor with a chance to limit the length of a sentence as well as to propose a sentence organized to limit the effect it might have on your life and day by day issues.


All Virginia Level 6 Felonies subject the blamed to a fine for up to $2,500.00. In spite of the fact that Virginia law furnishes Courts with authority to force considerable fines, it likewise gives the Courts a lot of prudence while forcing fines. This watchfulness gives your legal counselor a chance to limit the results of your circumstance.

Examples of Virginia Level 6 Felonies

Level 6 Felonies are accused of more noteworthy recurrence than some other level felony in Virginia. There are numerous offenses which might be charged as Level 6 Felonies. A few offenses are entirely charged as Level 6 Felonies, while different offenses might be improved to Level 6 Felonies in specific situations. The following is only a little example of normal Level 6 Felonies. The rundown is just planned to give a few models of Virginia Level 6 Felonies and is not the slightest bit comprehensive of all Virginia Level 6 Felonies.

  • Theft, Auto Theft, Fraud, Forgery, Possession of a Controlled Substance, OWI with a Prior Conviction with 5 Years, Neglect of a Dependent, Criminal Confinement, Strangulation, Sexual Battery, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, Residential Entry, Counterfeiting, Official Misconduct, False Reporting, Dealing in a Controlled Substance, Possession of Methamphetamine